Perfect Pet Products Fecal Worm at Home Test for Dogs and Cats

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FECAL WORM ~TEST @HOME is an all-inclusive pre-paid test for worms in all pets(except fish)-dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, turtles, small pocket pets, etc. to insure the health of your pet and family members. All pets can have worms and should be tested at least once a year, even if they are never outside. You collect 1 tsp. of stool, place in our mailer, and mail via first class USPS mail.

Dr. Steven Hadaway says "Presently most pet owners randomly choose a wormer and hope it worked-but never know" No more guessing! The FECAL WORM ~TEST @HOMESM tells pet owners if their pet has worms, which type of worm, and which wormer to buy. Protect your family members and your pet by testing all your pets at least once a year, especially the small pets that kids touch. Test until there are 2 consecutive negative tests! SAVE TIME and MONEY. •A simple (everything you need) all pre-paid (kit, mailer, lab test, phone call, and written results paid for) test for worms in all pets. •Easy to do- just collect 1 tsp. of feces and place in the mailer. Save time and money on equally accurate testing in a licensed Vet Lab. •Fast results-processed and called within 24 hours. Written results via email/fax. •Convenient-send via normal first class mail or Priority, UPS, Fedex if you are in a rush.


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