HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN

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Homeopathic remedy provides relief from fear of: Fireworks, Wind, Loud Noises, Gunshots. Restless, anxious and unwanted behavior can be helped with this fast acting, non-sedating liquid.

Your Pet's Symptoms

* Barking, whining, howling, yelping crying
* Pacing, panting, restlessness
* Hiding under table, in bathroom, behind couch
* Cowering, trembling, shaking
* Drooling, vomiting, pooping
* Destructive behavior
* Bolts, runs away


Borax 6c, 30c; Chamomilla 6c, 30c; Rhododendron 6c, 30c; Theridion Curassavicum 6c, 30c; Phosphorus 6c, 30c