Why Your Dog Digs and How to Stop It

When a dog is digging up your backyard, you're going to wonder about two things. First, why in the world are they digging? Second, what can you do to stop them? We're going to take a look at some of the reasons that dogs dig in your yard and what you can do to stop them. 

Reason 1: Your Pup is Bored

The first reason that your dog is digging in your yard could be associated with boredom. Dogs have a lot of energy and if they don't have the proper outlet, they'll make their own fun. Don't be surprised if they take out some of their boredom by making your yard look like a lunar surface

Solution: Help Them Release That Energy 

To make your dog less inclined to dig in your yard, it's important to give your dog an outlet for their energy. Take them to a dog park more often, work in a morning walk that is longer than usual, and give them plenty of toys that they can enjoy instead of digging. With less wanton energy and more things to do, digging up the yard will look a lot less enticing. 

Reason 2: It's Too Hot for Them

Another reason that your dog is going to dig in the yard is to find a cool spot. In the summer months, the surfaces in your backyard are going to be uncomfortably hot for your dog. You don't realize it while wearing shoes, but your dog feels everything as they walk. If it's too hot for them, they'll make their own cool spot. 

Solution: Keep Them Cooler

There are several things you can do to make your yard more tolerable to your dog. You can put out a bigger water bowl with cool water, give them some shade with an umbrella or some other kind of shelter, and bring them inside more often. Each of these is a great way to ensure your dog is cool and doesn't feel the need to dig.

Reason 3: They Have Something to Hide

Your dog might be trying to hide something in the hole that it digs. It might seem cliche but some dogs dig to protect toys, hide food, and hide other items they like. 

Solution: Give Them Fewer Toys and Supervise Treats

If your dog has just one toy to play with, the chances are that it will focus on that toy rather than focus on burying it for later. The same concept applies with snacks. All you have to do reduce the number of toys and also make sure your dog is given treats in a place where they can't bury them. 

Reason 4: Some Dogs Just Like to Dig

There are some breeds like Dachshunds, Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and others that just love to dig. Their brains are more likely to be hardwired according to the needs of the specific breed. Huskies might dig in the summer to stay cool, for example. The thing that is more difficult is figuring out how to get them to stop. 

Solution: Find Out Your Dog's Reason for Digging and Work with Them

Depending on the type of dog you have, you might have to do a little research to see why they are digging. They might be trying to stay cool or they are a breed that is more predisposed towards digging. Your best bet is to see if you can fix the issue causing them to dig or provide other outlets for their energy as previously mentioned. Some people have created a digging pit in their yard where their dog can play, and others have tried to distract their dog with treats and toys. You have to find what works for your dog. 


Overall, there are many reasons that dogs choose to dig in their owner's backyards. By knowing the reasons behind digging and some of the solutions, one can overcome this problem. It might take some time, but a patient owner is an effective one. Try these suggestions to keep your dog from digging; your lawn will thank you for it.