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ZooMed Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

an artwork by  ZooMed
ZooMed Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
Deep Dome Lamp Fixture by Zoo Med at

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ZooMed - LF-17

Feature 5

Designed with an extra long dome, which is perfect for use with large or long lamps including the PowerSun UV, ReptiSun UVB compact fluorescent, and Avian Sun UVB compact fluorescent bulbs.

The deep dome extends beyond the face of the lamp and prevents the lamp from "sticking out" of the end of the dome fixture. The highly polished aluminum surface inside the dome greatly increases UVB and UVA output compared to fixtures with a white surface inside the dome.

Ceramic base allows for use with lamps up to 160 watts. Includes an on/off switch on the power cord and a hook to hang it from a reptile lamp stand. 120 Volt use only. Approximately 8-1/2" diameter x 9-1/2" tall.

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