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Zoo Med Repti-Temp Rheostat

an artwork by  Zoo Med
Zoo Med Repti-Temp Rheostat
Repti-Temp Rheostat by Zoo Med -

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Zoo Med-RT-10

Feature 5

With a turn of the knob, you can adjust the temperature of most non-thermostatically controlled heating devices. Plug in up to two compatible heating items with a combined wattage of up to 150 watts. Turn your heaters up in the winter and down in the summer depending on your inside house temperatures.

Great for use with Rock Heaters, Ceramic Heat Emitters, Under Tank Heaters, incandescent heat bulbs (up to 150 watts) as well as other reptile heat devices. This device operates in a similar fashion to the dimmer switches for home light fixtures and to the volume control on your stereo. As a result, it will simply increase or decrease the current to your heating devices. Monitoring of the devices must be done with standard habitat thermometers.

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