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Zoo Med Repti Rock Reservoir

an artwork by  Zoo Med
Zoo Med Repti Rock Reservoir
ZooMed Repti Rock Reservoir -

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Zoo Med-RR-10

Feature 5

Quench your reptile's thirst with this deluxe reptile water dish. Keeps your reptile from accidentally running out of water and helps keep their home a little cleaner! The "Reservoir" part of this unique water dish holds an additional 22 ounces of water.

The large reserve provides constant fresh water, while the small basin discourages reptiles from fouling their water. The "cricket guard" prevents insects and small lizards from taking unwanted excursions into the reservoir and getting stuck. Extra wide base to prevent tipping. Wide-mouth bottle is easy to clean and fill.

Approximately 7" tall with a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" base. Well of the bowl portion is approximately 1" deep with a set of 5 steps molded in for easy access by smaller animals. For iguanas, anoles, geckos, hermit crabs, small snakes and lizards, frogs, toads, and salamanders.

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