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Zoo Med 500 Watt Remote Sensor Thermostat

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Zoo Med 500 Watt Remote Sensor Thermostat
ZooMed Repti-Temp Thermostat -

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Zoo Med-RT-500

Feature 5

This direct contact thermostat reads temperature through glass! Works much like an aquarium heater. Just adjust the control knob up or down until the desired temperature is achieved. For safe , economical, thermostatic temperature control of your terrarium. Features a 6 ft. remote sensor probe cable. Excellent for larger size glass terrariums, wood terrariums, acrylic terrariums, or wire cage enclosures.

Controls multiple heat devices with dual plug receptacles built into the thermostat. Excellent for controlling undertank heating pads, ceramic heat emitters, and other types of reptile heating devices with a maximum combined of 500 watts. Not designed for use with rock heating devices. (Use a rheostat for these.) Provides precise temperature control. It automatically adjusts temperatures with a range from 70º to 110ºF (21º to 43ºC.) Can be used in conjunction with a timer for day/night simulation. Thermostat sticks firmly to the side or back of the tank with Velcro fasteners. For two-pronged plugs only.

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