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Zilla Halogen/Fluorescent Combo Dome

an artwork by  Zilla
Zilla Halogen/Fluorescent Combo Dome
R-Zilla Desert Series 50 Halogen/Fluorescent Combo Dome Light & Heat at

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At last, the full range of energy a terrarium requiresfrom infra-red warmth through ultraviolet lightis available in a single familiar form. Simply place the Combo Dome anywhere on a terrarium screen cover to deliver heat from a high intensity halogen bulb and the health-giving light of a full-spectrum fluorescent bulb.

Toggle control on top of the unit allows you to aim the halogen lamp for better directional output. Separate power switches for easy day and night cycling.

Ideal for desert-dwelling reptiles such as: African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Bearded Dragons, Blue-Tongue Skinks, Emerald Swifts, Leopard Geckos, Nile Monitors, Red-Footed Tortoises, Savannah Monitors, Schneider's Skinks, Tegus,a nd Uromastyx.

Designed to provide the optimum heat and light needed for a 10 gallon tank. Larger tanks may require supplemental light and heat. Includes (1) Desert 50 UVB Circular Fluorescent Bulb and (1) 50 Watt Halogen Night Black Heat Bulb. Manufacturer recommends that both bulbs be replaced every 3500 hours or 12 months. Choose different blue/night/heat halogen bulbs to best suit your application (sold separately).

9" diameter lamp measures approximately 9" x 11" x 5" tall. 6' power cord. 120 Volt (US and Canada) operation only.

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