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Ultimate Aquarium Vacs
Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vac Aquarium Siphon -
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Ultimate Aquarium Vacs

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No more carrying pails of water to and from your aquarium! This is a complete clean, drain and fill kit that connects directly to your sink faucet. It allows you to automatically begin siphoning by simply turning on your sink faucet once connected. Next, begin cleaning by inserting the Fish-Saver Cleaning Claw into the aquarium gravel and moving it from side to side or front to rear. In addition, you have complete control of the water flow during cleaning and refilling of your aquarium. By adjusting the water flow during cleaning, you are able to insure that the maximum amount of dirt is removed with the minimum amount of water. Available with either 25 or 50' of hose. Extension hoses are also available for longer runs to the faucet.

Each kit includes a gravel vacuum cleaner with cleaning claw, super pump, plastic faucet adapter, 2 female hose couplers, male hose coupler, and manual valve and clear hose.

Use the Python Porter to carry and organize your Gravel Vac. (sold separately).

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