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Tetra Easy Balance - 8.45 oz. (250 ml)

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Tetra Easy Balance - 8.45 oz. (250 ml)
Tetra Easy Balance Water Conditioner -

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Easy Balance is an innovation in aquarium maintenance. With Easy Balance you only have to change aquarium water twice a year. Regular use of Easy Balance eliminates strenuous and time consuming troubles of frequent water changes by keeping aquarium water biologically and chemically balanced for six months. For freshwater aquarium use only. Designed for use with tanks that have proper filtration and normal fish loads.
  • Stabilizes pH and Alkalinity Supplies a continuous buffer that prevents pH decline that occurs in aquariums over time due to the natural acidification created during the nitrification cycle.
  • Reduces Phosphate Improving Water Quality Removes phosphate from tap water and prevents its accumulation as a byproduct of protein digestion of fish foods. Unique active ingredient does not cloud water.
  • Adds Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements Turns the aquarium into a natural bio-reactor that biodegrades organic pollutants and provides nutrients required by heterotrophic bacteria including biological filtration nitrifiers.

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