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Silent Air 2 Pump
Penn Plax Silent-Air 2 Aquarium Air Pump
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Silent Air 2 Pump

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The Silent-Air 2 single outlet air pump is designed for tanks up to 20 gallons in volume. This pump features a powerful motor, silicon polymer flappers, and non-skid feet. Superior power and acoustically designed for smooth, ultra-quiet operation.

Each pump features a translucent bluish-purple case which allows you to see the internal workings without opening the pump. If you plan on mounting the pump below the level of your aquarium, we strongly recommend the purchase of a check valve to protect your investment.

Approximately 3-1/2" long. 2.5 Watts, 120 V AC, 60 Hz operation. Manufacturer states that this pump will operate up to (5) one-inch airstones running under 16" of water. (Actual performance varies with tank depth and type of airstone used.)

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