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Rock Heaters for Reptiles

an artwork by  Zoo Med
Rock Heaters for Reptiles
Reticare Rock Heaters for Reptiles by Zoo Med -

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Designed to duplicate the natural basking process of all lizards and snakes. The large smooth surface allows one large or several small reptiles to lie on the heated stone. Without proper heat, reptiles cannot produce the digestive enzymes to properly break down their food intake.
  • Available with or without temperature control.
  • These are the only rock heaters that use a 100% hydrated rock material instead of cement or pumice. Hydrated rock is twice as strong and 10 times more expensive than ordinary cement or pumice (dry compressive strength 10,000 PSI).
  • New improved insulated nichrome wire element: runs continuously back and forth throughout the rock heater, creating an even heat source with no 'hot spots'.
  • Water resistant element: Helps to prevent possible electrical shock if heater gets wet. Safeguards against water bowl spills or very humid terrariums.
  • Washable surface: Hydrated rock material 'skins' at the surface, preventing heavy 'pitting'. Heavy pitting can harbor animal waste that may ultimately result in bacterial infections.

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