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Repti Calcium Ultrafine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement

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Repti Calcium Ultrafine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement
Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 - 8 ounce at

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Zoo Med's Repti Calcium is a phosphorous-free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Formulated with Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, which is white in color and essentially lead free. Pure calcium carbonate is white, not gray. Impurities in other sources of calcium carbonate (e.g. Oyster Shell Calcium) cause the supplement to appear gray.

The calcium carbonate particles in Repti Calcium have a unique shape, and an extremely high surface area per gram, resulting in increased calcium bioavailability. With Repti Calcium, you can take comfort in knowing that your reptiles are getting a highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate that is free of harmful impurities.

Reptiles maintained indoors may benefit from supplemental Vitamin D3 in their diet. Contains safe levels of Vitamin D3 when used as prescribed. Some reptiles are able to meet their Vitamin D3 needs through exposure to UVB. If additional Vitamin D3 is not desired, use Repti Calcium without Vitamin D3. If additional Vitamin D3 is desired, use Repti Calcium with Vitamin D3.

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