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Penn Plax Tank Divider - Super

an artwork by  Penn Plax
Penn Plax Tank Divider - Super
Penn Plax Aquarium and Terrarium Tank Dividers -

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Feature 5

Instantly converts one aquarium or terrarium into two. Provides a separate area for baby fish or aggressive fish. Each divider consists of two clear plastic tracks that mount on to the inside of the tank.

The tracks are held in place by two clips that slip over the top frame of the tank. A clear divider then slides down the track to separate the tank into two parts.

To ensure proper circulation and filtration, each divider has very fine perforations in it to allow water to flow from one side of the tank to the other. It is highly recommended that the tank have gravel or sand in it to keep the divider stationary.

Can be attached with double stick tape or velcro (purchased separately) to the glass of terrariums. Easily trimmed to fit your tank. Available in four different sizes.

  • Medium: For 10 gallon or smaller aquariums. 11-3/8" x 9-5/8".
  • Large: For 15 gallon long or 20 gallon long aquariums. 11-3/8" x 11-3/8".
  • Extra Large: For 20 gallon high or 30 gallon long aquariums. 11-3/8" x 15-1/2"..
  • Super: For 29 and 55 gallon aquariums. 11-3/8" x 17-1/2".

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