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Penn Plax Large Fish 10-Day Floating Pellet Blocks

an artwork by  Penn Plax
Penn Plax Large Fish 10-Day Floating Pellet Blocks
Pro Balance 10 Day Floating Pellet Block by Penn Plax -

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Penn Plax-PBV10

Feature 5

Each block feeds larger aquarium fish for up to 10 days. Perfect for parrot fish, cichlids, gouramis, and similar fish. To use, simply place the block in your aquarium. Within hours, it will start to dissolve, releasing nutritious floating pelleted food while also neutralizing your aquarium water.

One block will be sufficient for 10 to 15 gallon tanks and will last 10 days depending on the pH level and water temperature. A minimum temperature of 72 degrees F and pH of 6.6 to 7.0 is recommended. Highly alkaline water will slow down food release.

Proper water circulation through means of an air stone or filter is required for blocks to dissolve normally. 1 block per package.

Ingredients: Calcium sulfate, Calcium magnesium, Fish pellets, Fish meal, Oat meal, Shrimp meal, Dried daphnia, Hydrochloride, Vitamin B-1, and Vitamin B-2. Note: The block itself does not float - only the food pellets do. 4.9 ounces (138 grams).

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