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Penn Plax Aqua-Nursery Automatic Circulating Hatchery

an artwork by  Penn Plax
Penn Plax Aqua-Nursery Automatic Circulating Hatchery
Penn Plax Aqua-Nursery Automatic Circulating Hatchery at

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Penn Plax-AN-2

Feature 5

A completely automatic breeder that draws newborn babies into a separate nursery tank. It provides constant circulation and helps to avoid stagnant, polluted breeder water. Keeps the mothers and the babies alive.

The operation of this unit is quite simple. The air flow from the pump moves the water from the maternity section to the nursery section. Since the babies are so lightweight and immobile when first born, they are carried by the current into the smaller chamber. The nursery section may be lifted out to place the babies into another tank. We have used these breeders and they really do work!

Adjustable hangars allow it to be attached to any aquarium rim. The two top covers are removable. Note: This nursery does require the use of a small aquarium air pump and airline to operate, which is not included. Each unit is approximately 8"L x 3-3/4"W x 4-1/4"H.

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