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Penguin 170/200/330/350 Cartridges
Marineland Penguin 160/170 and 300/330 Filter Cartridges -
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Penguin 170/200/330/350 Cartridges

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Each pre-assembled Rite-Size cartridge filters water through a double thick polyfiber pad which traps more dirt and debris, faster. The cartridge is packed with super-efficient pure Magnum Activated Carbon. It keeps working long after most carbons stop.

It's better than a bag! Just shake and rinse. The patented ribbed backing evenly distributes carbon for maximum water-to-carbon contact. No bypass, no "tea-bag" effect. Just crystal clear, crystal clean water. For best results, change at least monthly.

Each cartridge measures approximately 6" W x 6-3/4" H. Designed specifically for the Marineland Penguin 160, 170, 200, 300, 330, and 350 filters (with or without the Bio-Wheel). Rite-Size "C" cartridges.

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