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Omega One First Flake

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Omega One First Flake
Omega One First Flake Food -

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Omega One-

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There are many causes of stress in an aquarium environment. Most often this takes place when you first introduce a new fish into your tank. The usual result is a lack of appetite, which can be deadly. lack of on-going, consistent nourishment can quickly lead to disease and other health problems. This food has been carefully formulated to satisfy the needs of both fresh and saltwater tropical fish and offers the added benefit of super charged attractibility. This comes in the form of fresh marine fat, and lots of it. This flake should always be the first food that you feed a fish that is new to your aquarium or a fish that is stressed in any way. It is also excellent as a growth food as well as a once-a-day treat food.
  • Contains fresh natural fats for strong appetite stimulation and energy.
  • Rich in Omega 3 & 6 HUFA's for healthy immune systems and long life.
  • Natural pigments in salmon skins for vibrant colors. Your fish will burst with color in just a short period of time!
  • Revolutionary protein binding system means less starch and more protein.
  • Vitamins are kept in complete suspension until eaten, giving the fish's digestive system time to absorb the vitamins.
  • Made with an abundance and variety of fresh cold water marine proteins for strong growth.
  • Never clouds water!

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