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Nekton-E Fertility Supplement 5. oz

an artwork by  Nekton
Nekton-E Fertility Supplement 5. oz
Nekton-E Fertility Supplement 5. oz by Nekton -

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Contains Vitamin E as an aid to fertility and better hatching results. It is the best aid to preparing your pet for pressures of breeding season. Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions and in the fertility of most animal species. It promotes a bird's entire metabolism - protein, carbohydrate, fatty, mineral and water metabolic processes. Vitamin E has a far-reaching effect on the whole metabolism and acts as a stabilizer on other vitamins. A lack of Vitamin E causes muscular dystrophy, which can befall the whole muscular framework, heart muscle and stomach muscle. Animals fed on foodstuffs poor in Vitamin E are also susceptible to many infectious diseases. By ensuring a rich supply of Vitamin E for your bird before the laying period, you can look forward to larger clutches, fewer infertile eggs, better hatchability, and a reduced number of deaths among embryos and young birds.

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