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Kordon Ich-Attack Herbal Disease Inhibitor

an artwork by  Kordon
Kordon Ich-Attack Herbal Disease Inhibitor
Ich-Attack Herbal Disease Inhibitor by Kordon -

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Ich-Attack is a 100% natural botanical inhibitor and preventative for the treatment of diseases caused by protozoans, ich, dinoflagellates, and fungus. Safe for use with all fishes. Ich Attack has a broad spectrum of activity, lessening the necessity for detailed, accurate diagnoses, but will not interfere with biological filters. The herbals used in Ich-Attack have been selected because they have been shown to have a powerful effect against aquatic diseases, yet are far more forgiving on the aquatic patient than most chemicals. If the aquatic animals have infections from external multiple diseases the chances are good that one or more of the powerful herbal ingredients in Ich-Attack will treat them. Effective in fresh, brackish or salt water. Safe for fishes normally sensitive to medications including "scaleless" fishes such as loaches and catfishes, coral reef fishes and fry. 4-ounce bottle treats up to 240 gallons. Made in the USA.

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