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Hydrokable Heating Cables
Hydrokable Heating Cables by Hydor -
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Hydrokable Heating Cables

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A super safe heating cable for aquariums and terrariums that can easily be hidden under gravel or bedding. Unlike the cheaper reptile versions that cannot be submerged, these heaters feature double silicon insulation that guarantees total safety. 115 Volt, 60 Hertz operation only.

This is a two part system:

First, choose the proper size Hydrokable for your tank. Available in 4 sizes, each heater cable includes suction cups for attachment to the tank wall or bottom.

Second, choose the Hydroset Thermostat to control your heater cable. Available in a lower cost model that uses an LED operation indicator or an easy-to-read LCD digital display. Provides precise temperature control of heating cables up to 500 Watts.

Double silicon insulated heating cables for terrariums and aquariums. -

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