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Fancy Rats A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Fancy Rats A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
Zoo Med Natural Sinking Mud & Musk Turtle Food 10oz.
Seachem Alkaline Buffer for Aquariums
Seachem De Nitrate Nitrate Remover for Aquariums 250 ML
Sun Seed Company - AnimaLovens Cookies
Natural Chemistry Flea Spray For Cats 8oz.
Zoo Med Laboratories Reptibator SZMRI10 Digital Egg Incubator for Turtles
R-Zilla Turtle Chasers Clam Flavored 2oz
Harvest Ventures Ultra Pet Litter Micro Crystals 7 Lb
Petmate No Tear Scoop - Pearl

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Hermit crabs make great pets! Although they are exotic they are not dangerous requiring little space and easy to keep. If their living space is kept clean and their basic needs are met they can live for years. Daily care is simple, you must feed and water your crab daily and mist them once a day to keep the humidity at the proper levels because a moist, humid environment is needed. Once a week you will need to clean their habitat and inspect sand for cleanliness changing the sand completely monthly.
Some things you will need when getting a new hermit crab as a pet will be a cage for exercise, a tank /habitat enclosed with a vented lid for living space. Feed and water dishes, drinking sponges and humidity sponges, climbing wood, a misting bottle, a humidity gauge(hydrometer), and of course food and treats. You will need an assortment of different size shells for your hermit crab to try out and grow into!
Here at you will find only quality products that will help you to care for your hermit crab as they live and grow. Here are just a few of our top sellers:
  • Habitats- Lee's kritter keepers tanks with vented lids , FMR hermit crab cages
  • Feeding and water dishes-Crabworx feeding dishes, Zoo Med Repti Rock
  • Sponges and misters-FMR Hermit Crab Sponges, Natural sponges, FMR Mister Trainer, Zoo Med MotoMister Motorized Hand Held Mister
  • Climbing branches and backgrounds-Zoo Med Natural Cork Flats, Grapevine Climbers by FMR, Climbing backgrounds by T-Rex
  • Humidity gauges-Fluker's Digital Reptile Thermo-Hygrometer, Lifegard Big Digital Temp Alert, Zilla Terrarium Thermometer-Hygrometer
  • Sand and Gravel-FMR Crab Calci-Sand,  FMR Hermit Crab Gravel, Zoo Med Hermit Crab Sand, Zoo Med Calci Sand and Eco Earth 
  • Food and Treats-JurassiDiet Easi-Mix Hermit Crab Food, FMR Land Hermit Crab Food, Zoo Med moist land hermit crab food
  • Shells- Large selection of natural and fancy hermit crab shells
We hope that you will enjoy the experience of loving and caring for you hermit crab, they can be very entertaining and fun to observe as they play!