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Hermie Hut - Smiley Face

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Hermie Hut - Smiley Face
Hermie Hut - Smiley Face -

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The natural sleep and play hideaway! A real life coconut that has been completely cleaned to provide your pet with hours of great fun. The dried shell is extremely solid and will stand up to aggressive chewers for a long period of time. Excellent as a sleeping hideaway.

For hamsters, gerbils, fancy mice, and other small animals. While the item has been packaged for use with small mammals, hermit crab enthusiasts have told us that their pet crabs love these Coconut Cabanas.

Each coconut is unique, but the approximate diameter is 4". Two large openings measuring 2" in diameter are cut into either end of the shell. A small hole is also drilled into the shell to provide a place to attach a chain that can be suspended from the cage ceiling.

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