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Hagen Vision Daisy Perch

an artwork by  Hagen
Hagen Vision Daisy Perch
Vision Daisy Perch by Hagen -

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The Vision Daisy Perch makes a fun addition to your pets home. Multi-level, spring designed daisy perches mimic the swaying motion found in nature, giving your pet a unique perching experience. The petals have been ergonomically designed and vary in size and diameter to provide your bird with a wide range of gripping surfaces so it is important in preventing arthritis and atrophy (foot disease).

The two-tier base assembly serves as a treat holder and feeder. Easy-grip ridges on the lip of the upper tier allows birds to perch while snacking in their favorite seed or fruit treat. Alternatively, the upper tier can be filled with litter to protect the base from waste. The lower tier is designed to hold millet spray underneath the clip holders to anchor it firmly in position.

Made from strong, durable, easy-to-clean material, the Vision Daisy Perch can be used in cages with either a flat or wire base. Approximately 5" diameter x 12" tall. For parakeets, finches, canaries, and similar sized birds.

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