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Hagen Ultrasonic Fog Generator
Exo-Terra Ulstrasonic Fog Generator by Hagen -
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Hagen Ultrasonic Fog Generator

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An ultrasonic fogger that simulates low clouds and fog in the terrarium. Ideal for increasing humidity levels to create a natural misty and damp environment. Generates early morning dew in desert terrariums.

Use to increase the relative humidity up to a level of 100%. Can be placed in any water portion of the terrarium (ponds, water bowls, etc.) and works best when the top of this unit (level sensor) is 5 to 30 mm below the water surface. Unit automatically turns off when water level falls below the level sensor.

Fogger diffuses about 200 ml of water per hour and requires a minimum water depth of 45 mm to operate properly. Operates on 110 V, 60 Hz household current.

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Hagen Ultrasonic Fog Generator
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