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Hagen Nutrafin Cycle
Nutrafin Cycle by Hagen at
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Hagen Nutrafin Cycle

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Treats 945 gallons.



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We have been using this product for many years with great success. Cycle is designed to keep your aquarium and fish healthy. It releases massive amounts of beneficial bacterial strains into the aquarium. Each dose works to reduce dangerous ammonia and nitrite levels in the aquarium. This helps prevent fish loss.

It's an all natural product that will not harm plants, animals, or humans and cannot be overdosed. Use when introducing new fish to an aquarium, since it makes fish introduction less stressful and reduces the lag time needed to achieve low levels of ammonia and nitrite.

Can be used for weekly maintenance or for new aquariums. Recommended dosage is 1 capful/10 gallons for routine maintenance and 2 capfuls/10 gallons in new aquariums. Dosage for new aquariums should be repeated every 7 days for two weeks. Refrigerate after opening.

We sell all Hagen Cycle products at MAP prices, the Manufacturer's Advertised Price, which is the lowest advertised price allowed by the Manufacturer.

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