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Hagen Heat Wave Desert Heaters

an artwork by  Hagen
Hagen Heat Wave Desert Heaters
Exo Terra Heat Wave Terrarium Substrate Heater by Hagen -

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Ideal for dry or desert terrariums. The Desert substrate heater simulates heated sand beds by the sun in deserts. The amount of hours a day and the strength of the sun in these regions can generate extreme hot surfaces. The substrate is dry and does not increase the air humidity as seen in rainforests or tropical areas. The power of the Heat Wave Desert substrate heater is designed to safely create these conditions in the terrarium.

Helps in thermo-regulating, important for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity. Perfect for bottom dwellers when mounted under the terrarium. Perfect for tree bottom reptiles when mounted on the back or the sides of the terrarium. Provides safe, even heat distribution.

To use, simply peel off the protective backing and adhere to the tank. UL Listed. Operates on 120 V, 60 Hz electrical systems only. Not for use on plastic tanks.

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