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Hagen Habitrail Ovo Studio Limited Edition for Small Animals

an artwork by  Hagen
Hagen Habitrail Ovo Studio Limited Edition for Small Animals
Habitrail Ovo Studio Limited Edition by Hagen at

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Feature 5

The Habitrail OVO Studio Habitat for small animals allows you to design the living environment for your hamster - you can create up to 4 different design possibilities.

The OVO Studio has more room to let your hamster roam to the different hideaways. Your hamster can choose from many locations to snooze, hide, play and jet up for a quick snack in his cozy Mini Maze.

The Mini Maze comes complete with the interactive chewable maze, providing hours of foraging fun for your hamster. The Mini Maze has two openings which provide easy access to your hamster.

High molded walls to keep your hamster's bedding inside his home, and not all over your table or floor. The food dish is now raised high above the floor to help stop waste and bedding from getting in your hamster's food.

OVO Lock Connectors easily twist and firmly lock the tunnels, tubes and nesting areas together so you can build any creation you can imagine. Includes:

  • Cage
  • Mini Maze with Interactive Chewable Maze
  • Water Bottle
  • (2) Tees
  • (3) Elbows
  • (2) Cubes
  • (4) Curves
  • (1) U-Turn
  • (7) Windows
  • (15) Lock Connectors

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