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Flexible Airstone
Flexible Rubber Air Diffusers for Aquariums
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Flexible Airstone

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These flexible rubber air diffusers are fantastic. We have been using them for years. (The airstone in the photograph has been running for over three years in a tank that is nearly three feet deep!). The best part is that they seem to last for years with just a little bit of maintenance. Very easy to clean - just rinse under running water while flexing diffuser.

You can bend these diffusers into nearly any shape that you would like. Create a spiral of bubbles or as a straight line curtain of air. Easily hides behind tank decorations and under gravel. Weighted to help it sink. Very gentle on air pumps since these rubber diffusers do not produce as much back pressures as standard stones.

Six different sizes to choose from. The 30, 36, and 48 inch diffusers feature a rubber cap that can be removed so that you can easily hook an airline to both ends of the line. Each diffuser is approximately 0.4" in diameter.

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