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Feathered Phonics Australian Outback Bird Training CD - Volume 6

an artwork by  Feathered Phonics
Feathered Phonics Australian Outback Bird Training CD - Volume 6
Australian Outback Bird Training CD by Feathered Phonics -

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Feature 5

It's easy to teach your bird to speak with a genuine Australian accent! Sure to be a hit with our Australian friends down under! Digitally recorded and mastered for unparalleled quality and clarity. No clicking or background noises, which makes a difference your bird can notice! Simply choose the track you wish to teach and press "repeat" on your CD player. Great for all talking birds including parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, and cockatoos. Complete track listing below. Track Listing
1. Beauty
2. Beauty mate
3. Feathered Phonics
4. Feathered Phonics worked for me
5. Flat out like a lizard drinking
6. Get out of here you old trout
7. Good bye
8. Good day love
9. Good day mate
10. Good girl
11. Gorgeous
12. Hello
13. Here kitty kitty kitty
14. Hey Sheila
15. I love you
16. I'm a pretty bird
17. Koo we Cobber
18. Like a wombat.
19. My name is:
20. Pretty Bird
21. Pretty Cocky
22. She'll be right
23. She's a butler
24. She's a ripper
25. Tell me when your ready to go
26. Throw some shrimp on the Barbee
27. Welcome to the Outback!
28. What are you looking at Mate?
29. What do I look like, a koala?
30. What ya doin love?
31. Where's the bloody cat?
32. Who ate the bloody cat?
33. Yeah mate
34. Yeah mate beauty!
35. Yeah!
36. Youre a good boy
37. Youre a good girl
Bonus Tracks from Cd 1
38. Good Morning (American)
39. Happy Birthday (American)
40. Yee haa (American)
41. Hello ( American )
42. Feathered Phonics worked for me!
43. One minute spacer
44. Five minute spacer

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