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Farnam Allerpet/D for Dogs

an artwork by  Farnam
Farnam Allerpet/D for Dogs
Allerpet/D for Dogs by Farnam -

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Are you allergic to your dog? Allerpet may be the solution. Allerpet cleanses the hair of dander, saliva, and sebaceous gland secretions, the antigens considered to be the prime causes of allergic reactions to dogs. It is non-toxic and completely safe to use on puppies. Does not damage the animal's coat or produce an oily residue. 12 ounce bottle.

How it works...
A washcloth is lightly wetted with Allerpet and wiped over the animal. It is not necessary for the animal to be saturated, just dampened to the skin. If the pet is small enough, this procedure can be accomplished while it sits on a towel in the owner's lap. Generally, a once-a-week application should be sufficient for most individuals, but Allerpet may be used as often as necessary without any fear of adverse reactions to either the pet or the allergic person. Allerpet is non-toxic and completely safe to use.

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