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Is it really safe to use my credit card on

Be assured that your credit card information is never transmitted or stored in an unencrypted form. We contract the processing of our monetary transactions to AuthorizeNet.  All monetary transactions go directly through their highly secure (SSL) Web server.  Please don't send us your credit card account numbers via e-mail, as this is a non-secure method of transmission.  If you are nervous about placing a credit card order over the Internet, you may call us and we will be happy to place your order and process it on this end. Petdiscounters. com has been issued a premium SSL certificate which creates secure shopping for our customers.

Can I order without sending my credit card information over the Internet?

Yes you can.  If you choose to use postal mail, simply print out your order and be sure to include your credit card number, expiration date, and signature.  Then simply place the order in an envelope, affix postage, and mail to the address listed on the form.

Can I place an order and pay by check or money order?

That is fine with us.  However, we should point out a couple of the big drawbacks for this method of payment.  First, your order will be delayed until we are positive that the check has cleared.  If it the check bounces, we will charge you for the bank costs.  (So far, this has not happened.)  Second, providing credits for returns or shortages becomes difficult to deal with.  (Credit  cards are much easier to issue credits with.)

Will my personal information be given to any other companies?

We will never release this private information to others.  We only ask for your e-mail address and phone number at checkout so that we can contact you in the rare instance of a problem with your order.

Do you have a printed catalog that you can mail to me?

Sorry, but we do not publish a print catalog at this time.  As we continue to grow, this may be an option that we look into in the future.