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Dr. Tim's AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier - Saltwater

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Dr. Tim's AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier - Saltwater
Dr. Tim's AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier - Saltwater - 2 ounce at

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Dr. Tim's AquaCleanse is used to eliminate common chemicals in tapwater that are toxic to fish and other aquarium creatures with no unpleasant odors. Unlike some products that only mask these chemicals, AquaCleanse destroys them - completely removing these harmful chemicals from the water.

Add AquaCleanse to your tapwater before setting-up a new aquarium and doing routine water changes. AquaCleanse destroys the chemical bonds that form ammonia, chlorine and chloramines.

Dosing: Add 5 ml of AquaCleanse per 10 gallons of tapwater and stir the water for 15 seconds. AquaCleanse cannot be overdosed but adding very large amounts of AquaCleanse to your aquarium may lower the pH of the water if the water is poorly buffered.

How to use: When doing a water change it is best to add the tapwater to a clean bucket or trash can (don't use soap to clean the vessel). Then add the required amount of AquaCleanse, stir and it is ready for use. We strongly recommend against adding tapwater directly to the aquarium and then adding AquaCleanse. Chlorine and chloramines are deadly to fish and even a short exposure can be very harmful to your aquatic pets.

New aquaria: Newly set-up aquaria typically do not have sufficient nitrifying bacteria present to handle the ammonia excreted by the fish in the water. This leads to a build-up of ammonia and, after about 2 weeks, nitrite (see biological filtration for more details) that can kill your fish. This malady is called New Tank Syndrome (NTS). While AquaCleanse can eliminate the ammonia we do not recommend continually adding AquaCleanse to your aquarium. Instead add DrTims Aquatics One and Only nitrifying bacteria which has been scientifically formulated to quickly eliminate NTS.

Testing your water: AquaCleanse is designed to remove 2 ppm of chlorine, 3 ppm of chloramines and 1 ppm ammonia per 10 gallons of water. If your water contains higher values of these chemicals you will have to add more AquaCleanse. To be sure you have eliminated these toxic compounds it is best to test your water with simple chlorine and ammonia test kits. The amount of chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia in your water may vary through-out the year because your municipal water authority may add more chemicals after rainy periods or in the spring when algae tends to bloom in lakes and reservoirs. Note: AquaCleanse is not compatible with older style ammonia test kits that use what is commonly referred to as Nessler reagents. If you use these reagents the test result will return a false indication of high ammonia. To properly test the ammonia in your water use test kits based on the salicylate methods or test strips.

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