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Clean Cup Hooded Feeders
Insight Clean Cup Hooded Feeder - Large by JW Pet -
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Clean Cup Hooded Feeders

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Approximately 7-1/2" tall. For African Grays, Amazons, and similar sized birds.


JW Pet-31311

Feature 5


A cup feeder with a difference. A clear plastic shield keeps food and debris from falling outside the cage. If your bird enjoys the occasional food fight, the shield and the cup placement a few inches into the cage, combine to solve the biggest problem reported by bird owners in all surveys...keeping the area around the cage clean. And because it's clear, birds don't mind sticking their heads into it (unlike opaque shields).

Made from nylon and acrylic parts. Its unique washer system makes it a breeze to fit all size cages available. Plus, it's easy to clean. It screws into the horizontal and vertical bar cages to guaranty a secure fit. Easy to remove and refill. Dishwasher safe. Manufacturer ships this product in assorted colors, so actual color may differ from image.

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