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Ario Noiseless Turbo Air Pumps

an artwork by  Hydor
Ario Noiseless Turbo Air Pumps
Ario Noiseless Turbo Air Pumps by Hydor -

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For tanks up to 13 gallons in size. 3.5 Watts, 15 gallons of aeration per hour at 10" tank depth. Approximately 2-1/4" x 2" x 2-3/8" tall.



Feature 5

An exclusive new concept in aquarium air pumps. Unlike nearly all other air pumps, this pump is totally silent and vibration free! This means that you hear nothing but the soothing sound of air bubbles. The secret is in the unique design. The pump sits submerged underwater, which prevents any noise from escaping out into the room. Air is pulled down through a length of tubing and then emitted through a foam diffuser on the top of the pump.

Each pump is very small and can be positioned in the gravel behind plants and ornaments to hide it from view. Cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple, with no rubber parts to wear out quickly. Please note that these pumps are for aeration of your tank only. They do not have any output tubes to hook up additional airstones or action ornaments. Choose a model that is rated with a similar tank depth and volume to your setup. 115 Volt, 60 Hertz operation only. Each pump includes suction cups, air volume control, and connectors.

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