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Ario 2 Color Lighted Aerator
Ario 2 Color Lighted Aerator by Hydor at
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Ario 2 Color Lighted Aerator

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An innovative aerator with light that oxygenates and pleasantly decorates your aquarium. The colored lights combine with the bubbles and the bubble column glows in beautiful colored light. Eliminates all the common problems associated with traditional air pumps.

The Ario is virtually silent; all you hear are the bubbles. There are no diaphragms to break or wear out. There is no reduction in pressure due to clogged air stones. There is no need for check valves. The Ario Color is compact and easily blends into the aquarium decorations.

Please note that these pumps are for aeration of your tank only. They do not have any output tubes to hook up additional airstones or action ornaments. Additional features include low power consumption and maximum safety provided by thermal protection against overheating. Bubble size will vary with given aquarium water conditions.

For freshwater or marine use. For indoor use only. UL Listed. 115 Volt, 60 Hertz, 4 Watt operation. For tanks up to 26 gallons in size, 14 inches in depth.

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