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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrite Test Kit

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrite Test Kit
Nitrite Test Kit by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals at

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Tests for nitrite in freshwater & saltwater aquariums. Nitrite is a toxic waste material found in varying concentrations in most aquariums. It is produced as nitrifying bacteria in the biological filter break down ammonia. As the biological filter develops and grows, the bacteria use nitrite as a food source, converting it to non-toxic nitrate, thus reducing the level of nitrite in the aquarium. Regular testing for nitrite is important because even low levels of nitrite affect the red blood cells of fish, reducing their ability to carry oxygen, thus causing suffocation and fish death.

The test kit reads total nitrite (NO2) levels in parts per million (ppm) from 0 ppm to 5 ppm. Regular testing for nitrite is an essential part of routine aquarium maintenance. Aquarium water should be tested for nitrite every other day when the aquarium is first set up. In established aquariums, the water should be tested weekly to make sure the nitrite level does not rise.

Kit contains a 1-1/4 ounce dropper bottle with testing solution, an easy to read color chart, and a non-staining glass test tube with cap. Performs 180 tests. Made in the USA.

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