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Advanced Vivarium Popular Tortoises

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Advanced Vivarium Popular Tortoises
Popular Tortoises by Advanced Vivarium Systems -

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By Philippe de Vosjoli. Tortoises are among the most endangered families of reptiles; thus choosing one for a pet carries a large amount of responsibility.

Use this comprehensive manual to guide you through the various life stages of a tortoise so you may give your pet a long and healthy life. Everything you need to know from how to select the right tortoise including personality differences between the species and how to determine the sex of your tortoise to housing information is featured in this book.

Other topics discussed in this revised version are: food and water requirements; proper hibernation and quarantine techniques; and common diseases, disorders, and treatments. Updated photos and information on a variety of popular tortoises, such as leopard, African spurred, Russian, pancake, red- and yellow-footed, and Burmese brown, are also included. Paperback, 5" x 8" , 72 pages, 1996 copyright.

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