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Advanced Vivarium Burmese Pythons

an artwork by  Advanced Vivarium
Advanced Vivarium Burmese Pythons
Burmese Pythons by Advanced Vivarium Systems -

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By Philippe de Vosjoli. These large, powerful snakes have often been the victims of myth and misrepresentation based on their size and sheer might. In fact, Burmese pythons are relatively docile. Their beauty, slow movement, and responsiveness-relative to other snake species-have contributed to their increasing popularity.

De Vosjoli addresses the realities of keeping these gentle giants, including housing, care, feeding, and selection. His tips on proper husbandry and responsible herpetoculture practices teach snake keepers how to prevent accidents, which only add to the negative reputation these snakes have in the public eye.

Special attention is given to a section on reticulated pythons, a related species that has seem a surprising jump in demand. Once reputed as large snakes with nasty temperaments, reticulated pythons are now among the most highly desired snakes. Among this editions new color photos are striking shots of the tiger and super tiger retic morphs. Paperback, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 80 pages, 2005 copyright.

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